You Know You’re Grown Up When…

i like who i'm becoming

Sexy is pausing in conversations and hanging with feeling awkward just a little longer than what’s comfortable.

You graciously receive compliments simply saying “Thank you”.

You laugh at yourself out loud several times a day.

You see a young woman exuding her raw sexuality and smile silently saying “I had my turn.”

You choose a non-caffeinated beverage in the middle of afternoon. What? Chill instead of buzz?

Rushing, dashing, darting or stealing minutes isn’t sexy anymore.

You choose an intimate gathering over going to the party or concert packed with 100+ random folks.

You can’t remember all your lovers in chronological order.

You’re real, direct, and damn honest when your friend asks “What do you think?” instead of polite and vague. 

You openly practice being selfish with no excuses.self_hug.jpg

You admit to having preferences, biases, opinions and actually speak them without justification.

You laugh. You laugh often. You smile. You smile often. You know life is too short for taking things personal.

You like your company and enjoy who you’re becoming. Calm and content in your skin are familiar sensations.

You notice your creating your life exactly how you want it. Complaints are falling away unsaid, unheard.


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