Bessel van der Kolk on MDMA-assisted therapy: More profound than anything else we have done

I describe MDMA Assisted therapy as a Gate Opener.

Literally-MDMA melts our defenses and we see ourselves with fresh eyes and compassion floods our sense of self.

Experiencing a MDMA Assisted journey can offer you a more current body memory of being content, contained, and flooded with self-compassion.

ln this article you can listen and read excerpts of Bessel van der Kol’s interview of his experience with MDMA.

From the article

“MDMA-assisted therapy is going mainstream: Bessel van der Kolk is not only one of the worlds leading trauma researchers, and author of the seminal book on trauma –The body keeps the score.”

“…People actually go into their trauma and they lie there and they suffer, as they go into it. But the natural defenses that keeps people from going there seem to dissolve in MDMA-assisted therapy.

So people have their experiences and say: «yeah, I was raped when I was three years old. And they go like «this poor kid, this poor child who I once was, that I had to go through it. “

“…Here, they feel the depth of the pain that they’re carrying and can say, yes, this happened to me. It is amazing that I’m still alive after having gone through this experience that happened five years ago or 10 years ago or when I was three years old. But today is just June 2021 and I’m alive. 

So you get these transformations that I have not seen with any other treatment modality.” 

More exerpts from the article:

“…For example, we had some people who had very nasty, abusive relationships. And rather than saying, my husband or my wife is such a terrible person who does all these terrible things, they said, I’m actually married to a very dysfunctional person. I need to negotiate what I need in a calm way because that’s what I need. 

I was astounded at how two of our subjects were able to negotiate, exiting their relationships in a very calm and mindful way without blowing up or becoming threatening or becoming all uptight. 

They say this is what I need and we can do right now, I see who you are. So this is how we can negotiate our relationship.” 

“…I can’t imagine having done this journey without people who are trusted and felt safe.

So I’m really worried that people will do this by themselves or with friends or in unprotected situations, because you really open up Pandora’s box with MDMA-assisted therapy.”

When I approached my MDMA assisted therapy session, I thought I would confront my Father issues. In pre-sessions with my therapist, I bolstered myself to face the betrayal, neglect and abandonment. I did not relive those experiences in my MDMA journey. Instead I witnessed my inner child as responsible, brave and resourceful. I was bathed in self-acceptance and self-compassion. This memory continues to nourish me and inform me of who and how I am now as a Psychedelic Integration Therapist.

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