InTo IT verb: intuit

In To IT. "Step into your life, Carola." That's what my last therapist said. And then she literally kicked me in the butt.  Really? Did she kick me with her foot? Well. It sincerely felt like she did. I felt the 'not so subtle' kick in the butt. I've spent thousands of hours as a... Continue Reading →

Sharpen Your Intuition Right Now!

Sharpen Your Intuition Right Now! Do you desire to Sharpen Your Intuition Right Now? One Short Intuitive Reading Can Help YOU: Receive Clarity in Articulating your deepest Desires. Manifest your Dreams NOW and Identify Resources Available Right Now. Acquire Specific Direction on your Next Steps-No Further Than Your OWN Back Yard! Call Me for Your Personal... Continue Reading →

ABC’s to Following Your Intuition

A B C's to Following Your Intuition A is for Attend to your Senses.  Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste. Developing your 5 Senses will Seduce your 6th Sense:  Intuition. B is for Boost your Body.  Listen and respond to your body requests for rest, nourishment, and gentle movement. C is for Communicate.  Conscious language is... Continue Reading →

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