InTo IT verb: intuit

In To IT.

“Step into your life, Carola.” That’s what my last therapist said. And then she literally kicked me in the butt.

Wonder Woman InTuIT article by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor Really? Did she kick me with her foot? Well. It sincerely felt like she did. I felt the ‘not so subtle’ kick in the butt. I’ve spent thousands of hours as a client lamenting over what ‘didn’t happen. What didn’t happen in childhood-a lack of nurturing, advocacy, stability. What didn’t happen in marriages-dreams that didn’t come true, promises not kept. What didn’t happen in business endeavors. Like books I’ve written that didn’t make me money, and marketing plans that didn’t bring financial success. Sure. I have the hardest time letting go of what didn’t happen.

What? How can I let go of what didn’t exist?

Sincerely, think about it. Notice the shortest relationships seem to take the longest to ‘get over’.

How can I get ‘over’ what didn’t happen?

How do I jump over a hurdle that doesn’t exist?

How do I maneuver around something that’s NOT there?

Hmmm…When I step INTO it, I can accept it.

What is IT?

It is My Life!  My Whole Life:  Mind, Body and Soul. My personal, professional, physical, spiritual, recreational life. When I’m actually engaged in my life I can trust my intuition.

You know…In retrospect you hear yourself saying practically outloud!-

“Gawd! If only I listened to my inner voice…or If only I went with my first hunch-guess-INTUITION!”

Like right now as I’m writing, I’m getting goose bumps on my arms. I can feel a prickly feeling on my scalp. Yeah. I’m feeling an AHAH! come into my lungs and I’m breathing a little deeper. INTUIT-Into my life! I am in MY picture. BLEEP BLEEP sounds are going off in my head. There is a NEON sign rolling across my mind’s eye—


I remember a classmate sitting next to me, probably in 5th or 6th grade scribbling a circle on my paper with the words “Tu IT” written inside the circle.

InTu IT article by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor

Now my mantra is a BIG Circle with my name, Carola, inside the circle. YaY! I’m inside my life!

It’s when I turned 50 years old (12 years of therapy) and my therapist kicked me in the butt (so to speak),  that I started to understand what being an adult is. I was teaching obese children and their families healthy eating. We would play games to keep them engaged. We included the whole family! When the game was clearly defined the children and parents had lots of fun and learned. When the game directions were vague, complicated, and unclear frustration took over and it wasn’t fun learning.

Teaching families taught me-

when my Inner Adult is present-my Inner KID can play.

When my Inner Adult is present-my Inner KID can feel safe and let go.

Ahah! Here we go again-LET GO—one of my favorite sensations.

I can let go if my Inner Adult is in my life.

I can let go and receive pleasure when my Inner Adult

is holding my container that is my life.

Intuition is humanity’s Super Power.

Being a compassionate and sensitive person is hard. It’s easy to believe that the safest thing to do right now is shrink and withdraw for self-preservation. Even though we’re connected in social media, many of us feel isolated and disconnected from intimate human contact.  Much of our intuitive cues come from our sense of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. Reading body language helps us trust intuition.
My mission is to help YOU strengthen and trust your intuition.

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We all are born with intuition. Usually, we spend our childhood being taught to deny our inherent wisdom, and then throughout our adult life we ‘try’ to trust our instincts and hunches.  There is very little formal education teaching us how to affirm and validate our own personal body language, much less, learning how to read someone else.

In2it! Cards (link) are a creative, engaging, and fun way to learn how to trust your intuition. The guidebook has 22 games to to develop, heighten and follow your intuition.  The cards and games are suitable for all ages and offer you a way to connect with others affirming that you are not alone. Sensitive, intuitive people often withdraw and feel ‘different’.
The guidebook also includes how to play a ‘group’ reading which involves learning how to step into another’s skin (or shoes) to cultivate empathy.
The 22 cards in the deck are archetypal images to elevate innocence, discernment, responsibility and service to humanity.
Playing with the deck of 22 cards became an intuitive tool for centering me in the midst of life’s creative chaos.




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  1. I look this picture of you, Carola, and get a warm, happy, feminine, goddessy, summery feeling of freedom. You are so beautiful.

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