Exercises to Strengthen Your Intuition Part 2:

Most of us accept that we have intuition, a sixth sense, an inner knowing that bypasses instinct and intelligence. That’s not what wakes us up at night.images-1 The more pressing inquiry is how to access our intuition. Is it a muscle that we can exercise? And if it is, how can we strengthen that muscle? In a previous article, I entertained that intuition is like a fast twitch muscle and described exercises to strengthen intuition. In this article I explore ways to enhance reception and response of intuition.  Read more about trusting your intuition from my article 3 Keys to Trusting Your Intuition.



Intuition exists in each of us.  We were born with it.  Many of us are systematically taught to distrust our intuition during our childhood. Later we spend our adulthood developing a relationship with our intuition. images-2Part of self-help psychology is conjuring our observer self. We learn to listen and respond with choice instead of react impulsively to what the world gives us.  Discerning the subtle difference between spontaneous response and impulsive reaction leads us to an intimate relationship with our intuition. Becoming familiar with the voice of our inner guide develops our higher consciousness.

One could say that intuition is the voice of spirit that dwells in all of us and in all things.

Here are 6 steps to ‘Heaven’ that will increase your reception and response to your Intuition. Unknown1-  We experience life through our senses. What senses are most awake? Is it sight, smell, taste, sound, touch? How does an Aha! capture your attention? Pay attention to how your intuition travels through you.  Follow the current, the path, the course that your intuition travels.  Increase your body awareness. Your intuition speaks through your body sensations.

  • Do your ears burn, or your nose itch? Do you feel a prickle at the back of your neck?
  • Does your vision widen or the room brighten? Do you have a flash in your mind’s eye like a deja vu or remember a dream?
  • Does your intuition travel through your skin like chills down your spine, or feel goose pimples ripple down your arms or crawl up your legs?
  • Do your ears muffle almost like you are underwater or does sound warp like in slow motion?
  • Can you hear your heart pound like a hammer or hear a loud roar from inside your lungs catching your breath?

images-42-  Imagine your intuition is an energy system.  Become familiar with it, like you would become familiar with an owl that visits the large oak tree in your back yard. Track your intuition’s behavior.  Does your intuition visit when you are about to fall asleep? Does it drop in during day time naps more than nighttime dreams?  When are you most open to a lull-like drift in a day dream? Possibly when you want another cup of coffee, or space out on the computer-that might be a time to just listen and observe ‘self’. images-5

3-  What increases your receptivity of your intuition? Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health sharpens your intuition.  Professional athletes are devoted to their training. Intuitives develop a practice to stay clear and open physically, emotionally and intellectually. Wisdom is making ‘sense’ of information. Integration transforms tragedy into spiritual breakthroughs. For me that meant becoming sober from drugs and alcohol. images-3

4-  Cultivate discernment and know the difference between fear and intuition. Intuition serves love.

“Love is the total absence of fear. Love asks no questions. Its natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and measurement.” From Gerald Jamposlky

5-  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  As you develop your intuition, you may open yourself up to more than you asked for.  Highly sensitive people are often more receptive to their intuition. Allow yourself rest and allow for more integration time between transitions-like work and play, and between social and private engagements.  Like a gardener washes their hands after turning their compost bin- create rituals of how to cleanse yourself after a barrage of input.  Densely crowded places can overwhelm your system. Children need a nap after recess; you too can benefit from ‘time out’ after a highly stimulating scene. heart whisperer dictionary

6-  Keep a journal.  Capture your intuitive hits as they come to you as sketches or journal entries of remembered dreams in a place that you can re-visit.  Our intuitive hits may come as pieces in a puzzle or fragments of a song.  Eventually we create beauty and order from our collection. Learn more about capturing your intuitive hits here.

Our intuition becomes a gift and blessing for our world.

Learning how to listen and respond to your intuition can save your life AND save the life of someone else. 

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