Unleash Your Tongue and Swallow Your Pride. Really?

Unleash Your Tongue and Swallow Your Pride. Really?

I feel like I’m swallowing something when I take a risk to speak up with my mouth open wide and my heart hanging out. 

einstein sticking out tongueSure, I did make a promise when I was 7 years old to keep quiet, lay low, and play it safe. It takes a lifetime to shake that one off. Yeah, more like peeling off layers and layers of an invisible shield made of skin-tight armor.

For a moment, in spite of fear, I will linger and dangle off the tip of my tongue.

The tongue tells no lies.

Literally, take a moment and walk over to a mirror. Turn on a light and stick your tongue out at yourself. You’ll have an honest reflection of what’s going on deep inside your guts. Right away-the color, texture, moisture, aroma speaks volumes of your health. Hydration, hormones, and history looks right back at you. Linger a little longer, you say?Unleash Your Tongue

  1. A hydrated tongue is plump, slippery, without a film or coating.
  2. Your hormone read:  if you’re tongue is pink and smooth you’re not running on adrenaline.
  3. Historically (not hysterically) if you’ve dined on unprocessed, nutrient drenched foods, your tongue will unfurl shamelessly with nothing to hide. You’ll see a rosy pink protrusion of firm muscle eager to drool and caress whatever crosses it’s path.

Pride is dry and edgy. I resist letting it roll past my tongue.

When I was 7, being vulnerable and transparent felt deadly. Bullying older brothers and a beyond-bullying teenage stepmother were ready to pounce immediately if I dropped my guard. Or so I believed. And later, pride was too dense to chew. I went to school wearing bruises on my nose, cheeks and eyes and wearing clothes that drooped because I was dried up and underweight. How do I swallow the truth that my father sent me to an orphanage in El Paso instead of sending me to my Mom in San Antonio?  How could I wrap my tongue or mind around betrayal?

Tongue and groove is a tight fit with room to breathe. Snug as a bug in a rug.

Is pride hard to swallow? Pride is what fills hollow bones so you can stand upright. Pride vibrates wide like a rumble instead of squeaks like an untuned violin. Pride roars. Pride owns. Pride claims. So what’s hard to swallow here? Hmmm. Could authority be hard to swallow? Well, I am my own author of my own story of my own life and my reality. There! I not only chewed that up; I gulped it down, digested it, absorbed its nutrients, assimilated its gift, and pooped out the lies that I’m undeserving! Yeah! I roar! “Don’t swallow lies that you need to be bigger, stronger, smarter than you currently are. You do have authority to show up and take the next step forward in meeting your life. Yes, hesitation and doubt are too bitter to bite. And Please swallow whole the truth that you are perfectly proud to be human this lifetime.”Unleash Your Tongue and Pride So let’s say for a moment, I unleash my tongue and swallow (ingest) my pride. Then what?

My voice pierces through invisible hymens. I do pop cherries! What once was virgin territory that harbored family secrets and blame, is now a fecund garden, seeded with swollen promises of future bounty. I roll over and expose my soft side. I let you rub my belly. Try it on.

Unleash your tongue and with pride let your truth roar.

Do you desire to listen to your heart and follow your intuition?  I am here to serve you.  I am a Heart Whisperer.

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Carola Marashi M.A. Heart Whisperer

20180801_112252-3.jpgAbout Me-Carola Marashi M.A.

I have a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and author of 2 books-Sensual Eating, 1992; and In2it! Bump Up Your Intuition- 22 Card divination deck of my original art, 2017 2nd Edition .

I listen with soft ears- to breath, pauses, rhythm of speech and the words chosen. Our ears go straight to our heart. My purpose is to help others follow their heart, trust their intuition and walk their path. Currently I live in Aloha Oregon west of Portland with my beloved and 1 cat.

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