Fall 2020 Psychedelic Integration Mentorship Circle Begins Again.

FALL 2020.

Medicine Mentorship for Medicine People

Fall represents crossing a Threshold. As the daylight shrinks and darkness lingers, perspective shifts. Fall offers a spell (moment) to hover over the threshold-between inside and outside, private and public. Currently our threshold between acceptance and tolerance might feel bruised right now.

I recently returned from my Psychedelic Vision Quest on the Oregon Coast. Conjuring magic, absorbing abundance, releasing scarcity. I remember my plump generosity.

This Fall 2020 Series PRESENTS

Conjure the Magic *CURRENT That Flows Through You

Open to Your ExtraOrdinary Presence

*Current is a flow of electrical charge  

We are held, tucked, inside a Global pandemic AND climate change. This ‘global shift’ impacts each of us personally, professionally, emotionally, physically, private to public and EVERYTHING in between.


Life’s a trip. We ‘use’ psychedelics to make sense of our lives and serve humanity.

Serve-Guide-Make Sense-Decipher-Spin Magic-Divine…

We are the medicine healers.

We take the medicine to heal.

NOW is the time to Draw your lines

YOUR Ethical, Moral, Human Lines

-into a circle. Stand IN your center. Declare what HOLDS YOU. Your core beliefs. Your soul’s code. Let your Soul’s Code hold you. Surrender. Face Forward. Take Flight. Go InWard. ReTurn Home. Share your Gifts of Wisdom. Spin Another Web to Hold MORE of you, me, US.



we Build a Psychedelic Container of Safety

to Journey OUTSIDE the BOX,

OUT on a LIMB, 

INSIDE an ExtraOrdinary SPACE

of Self-Discovery


Collectively we Expand our horizons of what is possible within the medical contours of our Service. We also reDefine and Declare our core spiritual and professional ethics, integrity, and core values of service. WithOut Compromise.

When I became a Registered Dietitian, my first job was the Medical Center in Houston Texas, specifically the Burn Unit and Trauma Center of Hermann Hospital. I bought a heavy leather briefcase, because this was my professional ‘medicine chest’. Now my medicine tool bag is morphing into a Magic Chest to hold my Psychedelic Integration Tools to Enchant, Embrace, Evolve Humanity.

This training intends to stretch your comfort zone to include squirm and wobble without compromising YOU. We journey outside the box And co-create a circle. We go out on a limb And are held by a grove of trees. We vision quest together And personally integrate our psychedelic journey.

Psychodrama, movement and sound, and expressive arts are ancient spiritual practices. Combining these POWERFUL modalities within a Psychedelic Container Propels Human Evolution.

Medicine Mentorship for Medicine People

WithIn this MENTORSHIP CIRCLE : Psychedelic Integration is an experience, a discovery, and uniquely extraordinary. We experience this INSIDE a group, to expand our vicarious felt sense of what it is to be a human BEING, not human doing. The training is a purposefully designed intimate group for rapid evolution.

In this intimate group- we have each other’s back, we take more risks, we receive witness, we amplify integration.

Now, more than ever, health professionals are challenged to INTEGRATE

  • professional with spiritual,
  • scientific with miraculous,
  • legal & ethical with moral human dignity.


When: Saturday Mornings 10 AM to NOON Oct 17th to Nov 14th


  • We Enchant AND Declare
  • We Surrender
  • We Discover Service through Psychedelic Journey of Self
  • We Integrate by Sharing our Gifts of Wisdom co-creating Ritual

FEE: $333.00 to $555.00 Includes bonus Individual Integration Package Mentoring (Valued at $444.00)

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What to expect:

We will LIFT the veil, enter the mystery and magic of micro-dosing, midi-dosing, macro-dosing, set, setting, intention. AND Identify best and worst practices for premium journey experiences. Bonus specifically for this series is group virtual vision quest and integration during the time when the veil is thinnest-Oct 31-Nov 2.

Fall 2020 Psychedelic Integration Mentorship 5 week series is both experiential and instructional designed to ENCHANT EMBRACE EXPRESS Your Unique Psychedelic Integration Service.

Each 2 Hour Zoom Experience focuses on ‘how to’ integrate these extraordinary states of consciousness using Psychodrama conscious movement, mudras & rhythms.

The structure of Psychodrama powerfully mirrors the psychedelic experience.

Movement, breath, and sound soften defenses and core beliefs.

Enchantment, guided interplay and spontaneity weave elements

of the psychedelic experience to enrich our daily life.  

Virtual Vision Quest will occur the week of October 31st.

What YOU need:

Privacy during your zoom call. Spacious floor room to move your body. Comfortable clothing, water bottle. Desktop computer, NOT phone.

LIMITED to 5 Participants for depth of intimacy.


“wise adviser, intimate friend who also is a sage counselor,” …The name perhaps ultimately means “adviser,” because in form it is an agent noun of mentos “intent, purpose, spirit, passion” from PIE *mon-eyo- (source also of Sanskrit man-tar- “one who thinks,”

Quote from the novel PIRANESI- Susanna Clarke

“People call me a philosopher or scientist or an anthropologist I am none of these. I am an anamnesiologist. I study what has been forgotten . I divine what has disappeared utterly. I work with absences with silences with curious gaps between things. I am really more of a magician than anything else.” Laurence Arne-Sayles, Interview in The Secret Garden, May 1976

You can contact me directly CarolaMarashi@gmail.com


About Carola Marashi M.A.Integration Therapist

Carola is a Psychedelic Integration Therapist with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and over 30 years professional experience. She’s mentored hundreds to facilitate ecstatic states of consciousness for self discovery. Using Psychodrama, Movement, Art and Shedding Skin Writing Practices she melts fear and resistance for rapid evolution. Currently she microdoses psychedelics for managing depression and PTSD and a practicing Psychonaut since the age of 13. For fun she loves to get lost exploring the forest, beach, ecstatic dance floor, mostly feral domains.


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