Gushing Gratitude for life right now.

Gushing Gratitude for all the birthday wishes I received from you all. I turned 62 years old.

What’s new this year is I’m taking voice lessons for the first time in my life. I’m participating in a class called ‘The games we play with ourselves’ from the Deep Play Institute.

What’s continues in my life is gardening, nurturing the wild life in my yard, deepening my relationships and saying yes to love run through me. Microdosing psychedelics continues to help me focus on the openings-opening my eyes, heart, skin pores, and luscious lungs.

I got to participate in a Psychodrama Intensive in New York. Whow! Within the first hour of the intensive I realized how much psychodrama runs through my veins and breathes through my bones. Even though it had been since 1990 that I received ‘formal psychodrama training’, it was my internship of my Transpersonal Psychology Master degree. It informed how I integrate ecstatic dance, expressive arts, and how I serve as a Psychedelic Integration Therapist.

Thank you – Each one of you that I’ve danced with, wiggled and squiggled next to you-in line, in class, on zoom, drove past wildly, or the slightest eye contact. You are a part of me. Thanks for being in my life.


Carola la LAH

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