Here’s to Following your Gut!

Mamma Says EAT ME!

Okay We’ve all heard it “Mother Knows Best!” and my favorite “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.” Well I’m telling you today-Do mess with Mother Nature! In fact, I’m saying dig into her, fondle her, and EAT her! Follow your guts. Well, when you nourish your guts with real food, you can trust your guts are telling you something ‘real’.

And if we follow that line…Her Son J.C. (Jesus Christ) says Eat Me too…You know The Last Supper-“My Body is Sacrament.” Oh Yeah.  How ’bout “You are what you eat.”  Okay Sometimes “Eat Me!” isn’t a friendly request, more like a verbal ‘flip off!’ right? For right now, Eat Me! is a sincere invitation, do what Mamma Says…

My mom once handed me a can of Soup opened with a spoon in it saying “here’s Lunch.”  My mom didn’t like cooking until she was over 50. At 7 years old, I knew you were supposed to add 2 cans of water to the soup. But that would require a pan! So I ate it.  Damn salty! Did my Mom know that she handed me Poison? Aluminum can with Tomato Big No No.

When my Mom was growing up Eating Local meant eating from your neighbors’ yard. Gardens, orchards, chickens…why would she get green beans from Florida (Mom lived in Oklahoma) when she could get them from her own yard?  I remember the shift from real food to processed food as a kid.  The taste of butter changed, so did the color. I used to eat apples from our tree and then later I BURPed when I ate store bought apples. (duh! the gasses in shipping).  Why did we buy apples when we grew apples? Why did we eat margarine when we had dairy cows around us? Why did we buy KFC when we had chickens around us?

You are what you Eat.

My Mom didn’t like her body. She never ate in front of us. My Dad HATED overweight people. My Mom gained weight birthing 4 children, drugged, drunk, and depressed. My Dad is military and a Control Freak.

So back to EAT ME! If my Mom would have been conscious, would she enjoy eating? When she became sober, she LOVED cooking, gardening, being awake.

I’m wondering if most folks would choose being alive over being drugged, duped, depressed-if they knew they had that option. Now when someone’s feeling anything- depressed, sleepy, tired, cranky, agitated…there’s a drug/food/or food-drug combo to help them feel ‘different’. Food-drug combo?

Yeah, like Red Bull, Coke, Smart Water, Energy Boost, Beer, Wine…Are you starting to see what I’m seeing? There is a whole lotta money in Processed water, Processed food, especially if we depend on it! like how we depend on Gas.

Better than a Real Orange?
Better than a Real Orange?

If you truly desire to make today a better day, I encourage you to consider eating one LOCAL food.  A local fruit, veggie, happy animal, local dairy food, local baked Bread or Pastry. You just said YES to Mother Earth and NO! to buying more Gasoline to ship that food to you. Woo HOO!

While I’m writing this story, I’m drinking LOCAL Roasted Coffee, with Local Honey and Local Dairy.  See it’s that simple, there is something local near you. Go Find it! Discover how friendly your immediate environment is.

Less Strange=Less Dis-Ease.  More Familiar=More Ease.  Local means friendly. Local means knowing your environment-OUTSIDE your living room or garage that you drive int0- so you don’t see your neighbors.

What I’m leading to is this.  Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression, Addiction…I believe these are all ManMade Diseases. Dis-Ease is Man Made. And there’s soo much Money/Business in it!  High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans-Fatty Acids, Sugar and Fat Substitutes are Ingredients your body DOES NOT recognize!  In fact! some of those ingredients are by-products from Chemical Companies! like Flouride that now added to most cities drinking water.

Remember your GrandParents, Grand Aunt and Uncles…how did they pass from this earth? Not much dis-ease back then. Even if they were working in coal mines or farms with DDT. If they were ‘overweight’- the over weight wasn’t from fake food that the body has no idea how to process and RELEASE it.  Our bodies Natural way to release stuff it does not want is through the skin-sweat, lungs, kidneys, colon, hair, nails. You see, when we consume familiar, our bodies are intelligent. When we ‘trick’ our bodies, we respond with dis-ease. When our ancestors ate a local green bean-grown in the same sun as their body, drinking the same rain water as their body, eating the same dirt as their body walked on…they got something more than a green bean. They ate:  Rich Minerals, Potent Vitamins and Super Duper Nutrients we don’t even have all the names for yet…They ate Intelligence. Body Wisdom comes from Intelligent food from our Wise Willing Mother Earth.

Mother Says EAT ME!
Mother Says EAT ME!

Yep. A green bean ain’t just a green bean anymore…unless you pick it yourself-and there ain’t no label to read to tell you that it’s a green bean. Your body knows though, that it is a green bean and digests, absorbs, assimilates it whole heartedly!

The Bright Side!  Right now, within your immediate environment, there is food growing, or food that would LOVE to grow as your own personal pet!  If you have even one little Spot of Sunlight (that gets 6 hours of light) you can put a pot full of soil with a plant in it and viola! you have a raised garden bed (pot).  The obvious tomatoes, basil, peppers, spinach, lettuce, strawberries will grow for YOU.  If you are already growing a lawn, a bush, a flower, a tree, YOU can grow food. If one person in 10 people around you grew one food plant, you’d have a friendlier environment.

It's soo Easy to Grow Veggies
It’s soo Easy to Grow Veggies

In Ashland, if you’ve got local wine and cheese, someone’s got a wine opener and maybe gluten free bread! I’d bet anywhere in USA, if you’ve got a tomato plant and basil-You got Dinner Friends!

Companion means “one who breaks bread with another”. Gardener means to me “Love Yo’ Mamma’!  Let’s start living like our planet Earth is our Mother. She’s providing for you – right now An Edible Playground. The plants around us desire to feed us, nurture us, sooth us, heal us…I believe that Loving Our Mother Earth-by Eating Her Raw, Naked, Fresh food- is the easiest-fastest way to begin Loving our Bodies. Eating food that our body recognizes is the Fastest Simplest way to say YES! to Ease and Health and Say NO! to a whole industry that depends on us buying gas, drugs, dis-ease. We can Love our neighbors.

Clean eating makes for clean messages!  Here’s to following your guts!  

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