Microdose Protocol for Seducing the Subtle

A Microdose of psilocybin is usually less than a tenth of gram.

“If you feel it, take 1/2” is definition. Microdosing psychedelics is for Neurogenesis. Building new neuro pathways. It’s not about a breakthrough, epiphany, life changing event. It’s to shift your perspective, shed light, and feel more comfortable in your skin.

It’s about discovering what’s right with you. Focusing on the openings where the light comes in.

How do I know if Microdosing is for me?

If you’re considering getting off anti depressants or anti anxiety medications.

If you’re wanting to open your mind to roam outside the box-less ruminating.

If you’re willing to face, engage and participate more in your daily life.

How do I know if Microdosing is NOT for me?

If you’re hoping to solve problems, fix things, cure, heal, erradicate addictions.

Basically Microdosing is not a medical intervention.

How long does a Microdose last?

The ‘bloom’ is usually about 3 hours. Remember if you ‘feel’ it, it’s bigger than a microdose.

When I first started microdosing, I would microdose before seeing my therapist. I noticed right away

that I sat back and let the couch hold me. I would open up quicker, rather than at the last 10 minutes of my session. That’s when I realized how much of a wall I was holding up, even in therapy! I trusted my intuition more. I was willing to feel more. More of everything. That included all the anxiety I was feeling.

When’s the best time to Microdose?

Usually the beginning of the day. HOWEVER. I do have some clients choose to take it at the ‘end’ of their day. When they are ‘done’ with work and their focus is inward, rather than about production. One client said

“Carola! I sleep now! I never could sleep through the whole night. Even with years of practicing meditation.”

Here’s my protocol that I’ve developed since 2016.

What you need:

A Shot Glass. Smallest clear glass is ideal.

1.5 tablespoons FRESH Squeezed Lemon like a few squeezes? 

A Slight 1/8 teaspoon of your Microdose Psilocybin powder

A Splash of fizzy water.

Stir for awhile “Declaring there’s nothing to fix, nothing to solve. I’m open to discover and explore.

Swish your microdose mixture in your mouth for a second or two.

Add more fizzy into your empty glass to capture any clinging microdose mixture.


3 Consecutive days consume. 

2 days pause.

Often on the pause days are the deepest self reflection.


If you feel it, take half.

Track the openings. 

Light. Sound. Smell. Touch. Temperature. Taste.

I believe we were born with a Psychedelic State of Mind and these ingredients helps us REMEMBER our personal Psychedelic State of Mind. I hope that your microdose journey is about tracking YOU, not the ingredient. That’s where I probably deviate from James Fadiman. My protocol is about you tracking YOU, your psychedelic state of mind.

What is a Psychedelic State of Mind?

It’s when you wake up from a dream and can still feel it. The state between awake and asleep.

It’s when you smell something and you’re transported to the first time you smelled it.

When you’re fully captivated, enchanted, completely swept off your feet listening to a song, caught up in story-book, movie, or listening to a story teller. Where time stands still for a moment. Where the now is extended.

My first psychodrama was over 30 years ago, and when I conjure it, it was like it was yesterday. That’s a psychedelic state of mind. My first ecstatic dance was so captivating, I remember it in full detail like it was yesterday.

Here’s a longer video about microdosing from 2020 when we were in the full Covid Pandemic.

May your journey of self discovery be filled with enchantment and with ease and grace.



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