Moms Microdosing Magic Mushrooms to be Better Parents

Happy Mother’s Day! I miss hearing myself say that on the phone to my Mom. Btw…she did not microdose. My memories of Mom were her glazed eyes, either drunk or dulled on pharmaceutical drugs or completely disassociated.

“Three mothers who microdose psilocybin told Insider it transformed them into more patient and present parents and helped with pregnancy and postpartum mental-health struggles.”

My Mom before microdosing psychedelics was an option.

My Mom would have been an ideal candidate for microdosing psychedelics. Why? You may wonder?

Once she was sober, my Mom was dedicated to being a present human being. She wanted to face reality, not escape. She wanted to engage in health, not be ‘fixed or cured. And she wanted to understand and evolve. She died young (age 63) with Congestive Heart Failure, complications from diabetes and multiple heart attacks.

Here’s a few stories from the linked article.

“For some mothers, psilocybin became a lifeline when other options didn’t reduce the mental and emotional struggles of motherhood.
Metoyer said that microdosing allowed her to support her neurodivergent 4-year-old in public. She used to be paralyzed with fear over leaving the house with him, she said.
Natalie said she no longer takes antidepressants or ADHD medication.
“Microdosing let me know who I really am,” Natalie said. “I go to a therapist every week, and this is the most stable I’ve ever been in my whole entire life.”
She added, “I’m able to parent myself and my daughter in a whole different way, because when I microdose, I know I’ve got this.”

Microdose “if you feel it, take half”

Microdosing psychedelics are for building new neural pathways.

Literally shedding light. When your pupils dilate, you see a bigger picture. You shift your perspective from receiving more information. If you feel it, it’s not a microdose. It’s about seducing the subtle. Microdosing is not for conjuring major breakthroughs or epiphanies. Subtle shifts of perspective are sustainable and more likely to be integrated into your daily life.

On a personal note…

I’ve been microdosing psychedelics since 2016. Literally the first day of the Me Too movement. My partner came home to a ghost of me. “Hey Carola, will you consider microdosing?” He asked me. I was facing the darkest depression I have ever felt. I took 1/4 of a gram of psilocybin mushrooms. I saw sparkles. I felt light headed. “Whoa, I can back up. I can take less. I can face the dark with a flashlight in my hand.” I told myself. The next day I took less. I microdosed on my way to see my therapist. Even my therapist noted that I was more in my body, I sat further back on the couch. My guard was lower.

Since 2016, I’ve been a huge advocate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. That includes microdosing to guiding a full psychedelic journey. I’ve helped hundreds of courageous parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, artists-all are willing souls to be more of who they are, not change who they are.

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