3 Keys to Trusting Your Intuition

Develop a relationship with your body language. Your body never lies. Unfortunately you may have been taught to dull your senses. The good news is that remembering is much easier than learning something new. You are the Top expert of your body. The more you listen, the more you will trust reading your body signals. Seriously, trusting your intuition can save your life, or someone else.

InTo IT verb: intuit

In To IT. "Step into your life, Carola." That's what my last therapist said. And then she literally kicked me in the butt.  Really? Did she kick me with her foot? Well. It sincerely felt like she did. I felt the 'not so subtle' kick in the butt. I've spent thousands of hours as a... Continue Reading →

How Do I Trust My Intuition Right Now?

I'm sitting here in a quandary. As an Intuition Counselor, you'd think I could do a muscle test or  be quiet and listen.  It's not always that easy.  Right, even for me.  Sometimes I can't feel.  Sometimes I can't listen.  Fear drowns out listening to my 'higher' self.  Confusion floods my senses.  Now what? My... Continue Reading →

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Albert Einstein, said, "The only real valuable thing is INTUITION." Receive my Gift to YOU. 10 Minute Intuitive Reading from Me. Nearly 30 years of counseling, ecstatic dancing and facilitating Awe-thenticity shape-shifted into a Tarot Deck with my Original Crayon Art and Complete Guide to Being Awe-thentic. I have 3 Requests of You. 1-Receive my Gift of... Continue Reading →

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