Umbral Shadow of Fall Equinox

Between New Moon and Fall Equinox


A tall dark silhouette towers over me.
I shrink and cower beneath its umbral shadow.
As it looms over me, my lungs collapse.
My bones shake.
I feel weak in my knees and want to throw up.

umbral shadowNo way can I stand up tall to this overbearing presence.
No way can I breathe any air into my pounding chest.
Dark gets darker. I see with eyes shut.
This image is inside me now. I can’t get away.

When I want to get bigger, it grows bigger, faster.
When I want to speak up, it sucks the oxygen right out of my lungs.
When I want to open my eyes, flat-black fills my pupils.

The gloom chomps any flicker of hope like cheap candy
and throws temper tantrums ripping, tearing and pounding it’s fists.
Growls and snorts spit from it’s mouth.

I dare to peek into the dark.
Daggers of light shoot out between my squinting eyelids,
shredding the dark silhouette like scissors to tissue paper.
What remains is a pile of soft-white confetti.
Gusts of fresh air pour into my lungs
and a sigh of relief sets off a tiny tornado.hippo ballerinas

Flurries of snow flakes dance in mid air.
Clusters twirl like hippo ballerinas.
Spins and swirls blur my vision.
Full color animation washes out shades of grey.

The tall silhouette vaporizes like steam
wafting off of hot chocolate. steaming hot chocolate
Sweet fragrance is left in its wake.birth quote


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