words fall like rain

words fall like rain leaving puddles of ink on my page

tears and heart jpgunshielded, droplets swell drinking warm wet salt

liquid pearls cling down my cheeks and drip off my chin

splashing tears that dash and dart pushing the edges of my pen

random alphabet grow disfigured on white paper turning grey

seduction and avoidance play along lined paper

a solo drop quivers isolated

vulnerable and exposed another flood of tears are wrenched free

salty droplets ride piggyback like caffeinated monkeys on ripe banana trees

images-5clumped letters stretch across grey soggy paper

heavily soaked with emotional weight 

 meaning evaporates leaving behind streaks of salt

 stiff thin white paper softens into wavy fabric

I sit at my desk and stare out the window.

images-2It’s raining outside.

It’s raining inside too. 



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