ABC’s to Following Your Intuition

ReMember Your Innocence. Heart Portrait by Carola Marashi M.A.
ReMember Your Innocence. Heart Portrait by Carola Marashi M.A.
  • A B C’s to Following Your Intuition
  • A is for Attend to your Senses.  Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste. Developing your 5 Senses will Seduce your 6th Sense:  Intuition.
  • B is for Boost your Body.  Listen and respond to your body requests for rest, nourishment, and gentle movement.
  • C is for Communicate.  Conscious language is speaking your truth with words, gestures, and intentions.

3 Key Ingredients For Choosing Your Intuitive Guide

  1. Generate an Appetite for Authenticity. Sniff out the real thing. Ask questions, be curious of your of what you Feel when you receive direction.
  2. Strengthen Your Integrity by Leaning into It (InTUit). Welcome challenge.  Command congruence from what you see, hear, and feel when you receive intuitive guidance.
  3. Be specific with your inquiry.  Details sharpen your discernment.  Even knowing what you don’t want points you to what you do want.

Available NOW!  Phone Intuitive Readings

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If you find yourself hesitating, doubting yourself, or questioning your inner guide and desire guidance in Trusting Your Own Intuition, I am here to serve you.  My sessions are intended for sharpening your own tools for self discovery.  

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