GUESS WHO Knows you better than your best friend or lover?

GUESS WHO Knows you better than your best friend or lover?

Is here for you to listen to whatever you have to say?
Gives you their undivided attention whenever you ask for it?
Witnesses you with no judgment?

Holds you up and let’s you break down?
Knows you better than your best friend or lover?
Accepts you completely and trusts you completely?
Lets you spill your guts, cry your eyes out, and doesn’t try to fix you?

She’s tough on the outside and yet fragile and delicate when exposed to the elements.
Her insides absorb huge waves of emotions and endure power punches.
She’s known you since you started to talk.
And when you turn your back on her and abandon her for long stretches, she always greets you with open arms.

She’s your greatest teacher of self-compassion.
She a crystal clear mirror of the sacred and profane.
She’s so close.
She’s practically at your finger tips.
She can almost read your mind, and anticipates what you’re about to say.
She joins you traveling continents, flying up in the air, or carried on water.
She sits on your lap, snuggles up to your pillow, lays at your altar.
And no matter how much you feel you’re falling apart, she holds you together like a full body hug.
Who stays with you through your life loving you unconditionally?

Guess who?

It’s your writing journal.

Writing practice has helped me calm the roar in my head. Each written line wipes out fear. Each paragraph strangles doubt. Finally the monsters in my head become still and quiet. Then the compassionate voice in my head gets stronger and clearer. Courage and confidence flow out through my hand and land onto the page.
Often under our fear is brilliance waiting to be seen and heard.

We all need an advocate. Your strength resides in your vulnerability. You are not alone.
Did you know your ears go straight to your heart?
Listening is my super power. I’m honored to be your Soul Advocate.

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fb_img_15159906221588081555966748741755.jpgCarola seduces the subtle, enchants the awkward, and listens to the heart whisper.

Carola Marashi M.A., published author and Transpersonal Therapist has over 30 years of professional experience.
As a writing coach, Carola listens with soft ears and an open heart and mind. Her soul purpose is to help others hear their heart whisper, trust their guts, and walk their path. Sessions can be on the phone or skype. Carola lives in Beaverton Oregon with her beloved partner surrounded by gardens bursting with love.

What some folks say about Carola’s sessions:
“I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Carola Marashi, and I want to give her a shout-out here, because I left feeling so empowered and joyful! Carola is a force of nature. I felt her full presence with me during our time together, and I felt totally seen. She helped me to clarify my strengths and my life purpose/life’s work, and encouraged me to repeat and rephrase back to her new insights as they came up, to make sure that I fully understood them and allowed to sink into my knowing so that they could be as powerful for me as possible, after our time together was up. Carola is creative and intuitive, and her self-designed deck of cards served as a wonderful tool to focus her strengths and insights in her work with me. If you get a chance to take a class with her or work one-on-one, I highly recommend it!” Maren Souders, Salem Oregon
“Carola sat down with me last week and used her In2it cards and her own warm, intelligent, compassionate self to help me see through a question I had about where to take my art. She really sees things outside of the box, and brings her unique vision and openness to provide a welcoming, safe and exploratory energy to her work. I loved working with her and highly recommend seeing her if you are questioning or questing!” Fox Massage, Portland
Carola’s intuition ability is excellent! Through her fine-tuned listening, she helped me unearth core areas in my personal life that had been unexamined; she supported me to become more empowered and clear.”

“She has a special ability to listen in a way that allows you to connect with your true self. She is a steady, insightful and a supportive guide. Through her skillful leadership I developed confidence in my ability to connect with myself more deeply.”
” I learned how to ‘follow the energy’, to listen for what resonates within me. I feel lucky to have found her and I am more attuned and authentic as a result of our work together.” Maria A. Connolly, MS, CHT
“Carola’s sweet and loving energy is only surpassed by her ability to tune into a higher channel and by doing so guide you in finding your highest good. She helped me reaffirm a huge life change and especially my purpose for it. It was a confirmation AND an expansion. It was empowering. Knowing this woman will fatten your soul! Thank you x 3! -Aloha”
“Carola channeled an amazing reading for me. Her intuit abilities are clear, spot on and found the depth of my souls yearning! Looking back at my notes I took during this reading, I’m noticing I’m walking this path effortlessly where as before the reading it was an effort! Thank You Carola for designing and reading of your beautiful cards.” Sharon Wilson, Ashland Oregon

Nothing beats the winter blues than shedding light!

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