3 Keys to Trusting Your Intuition

First, before you do anything else, get yourself a fresh glass of water-fizzy, or flat, and take a big swallow. Ahh…Now,  I have your full attention.

Heart Rays Original Art by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Guide
Heart Rays Original Art by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Guide

Key #1:

Hydrate. What, Drink and Drive?

Yes. If you are hydrated, that means you’ve been drinking all day long; 8-10 glasses. You’ve been drinking while driving your most precious vehicle-your One and Only Body. Drinking all day long requires making YOU top priority!

You will trust your intuition when you trust your ability to take care of YOU!

You will trust reading and interpreting the signs that pop up on your radar.

Stop, Slow Down, Curves Ahead, Steep Grade…will make sense when you are well lubricated. Your body will run smoothly and safely.

Key #2

Listen to your Body Sensations.

You know the usual-ears burning, prickly back of the neck, chills running down your spine.

Develop a relationship with your body language. Your body never lies. Unfortunately you may have been taught to dull your senses. The good news is that remembering is much easier than learning something new. You are the Top expert of your body. The more you listen, the more you will trust reading your body signals. Seriously, trusting your intuition can save your life, or someone else.

Intuitive Reading by Carola Marashi M.A.
Intuitive Reading by Carola Marashi M.A.

Key #3

First say Yes, then pause and reflect.

You remember multiple choice questions? Remember how everyone said-go with your first hunch? You might have thought it was random guessing, yet you were more often right. Wow! Who would have thought that was following your intuition?

Learning how to listen to your inner guide is remembering your first language:  non-verbal body language.  Subtle changes in heart beat and breath are loud to our inner ears.  Develop a practice of listening and responding. Yoga, movement, laughter and being lighthearted are all pathways to trusting your intuition.

Intuitive Reading by Carola Marashi M.A.
Intuitive Reading by Carola Marashi M.A.

3 Key Ingredients For Choosing Your Intuitive Guide

  1. Generate an Appetite for Authenticity. Sniff out the real thing. Ask questions, be curious of  what you Feel when you receive direction.
  2. Strengthen Your Integrity by Leaning into It (InTUit). Welcome challenge.  Command congruence from what you see, hear, and feel when you receive intuitive guidance.
  3. Be specific with your inquiry.  Details sharpen your discernment.  Even knowing what you don’t want points you to what you do want.

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If you find yourself hesitating, doubting yourself, or questioning your inner guide and desire guidance in Trusting Your Own Intuition, I am here to serve you.  My sessions are intended for sharpening your own tools for self discovery.  

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How Do I Trust My Intuition Right Now?

I’m sitting here in a quandary.

Quandary by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive CounselorAs an Intuition Counselor, you’d think I could do a muscle test or  be quiet and listen.  It’s not always that easy.  Right, even for me.  Sometimes I can’t feel.  Sometimes I can’t listen.  Fear drowns out listening to my ‘higher’ self.  Confusion floods my senses.  Now what?

My journal becomes my best friend. Writing slows me down. Especially handwriting with a scratchy pen, not gel, so I slow down and the sound of scratching on paper actually soothes me. Like listening to a shovel dig in dirt or the sound of raking soothes me.

Journaling Intuition by Carola Marashi Intuition CounselorWriting sends me into my body.  My last therapist (also a writer) learned  that writing helps the left and right brain connect. Deeper listening and wider perspective lead me to trusting my intuition.  Short bike rides in my neighborhood or talking to a friend help me get into my body.  Still, my journal is my best friend- always available and willing to listen with NO interruptions or advice.

So back to my quandary (I dig this word!).

A friend is requesting my participation in something that feels incongruent.  I’m not understanding what I hear, what I feel, and what I see.  Ugh! My insides and outsides don’t match! Confusion overtakes me.

Back to my journal. I write.

What do I feel?  My stomach cramps.  My head feels light.  My breath is short.  

What do I want?  To feel grounded in my body.

COMMUNICATE!  Flashes on my mental screen.

I write it down in All Capitol letters. I continue to write in my journal:

But I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I loathe disappointing anyone. I love saying YES!  Saying no is scary. No-one likes to hear no.  Yet, if I deny my intuition, I’m saying no to me. Ooh can I really take that risk of her not liking me,  and accept I have my limits?  What if I lose her as a friend?  I’m not being my friend  OR her friend if I ignore what I feel. NOW that I know what I feel.

Journaling is like massaging a knotted chain necklace. Just slowly roll the knotted chain in between my fingers and the knot softens.  The gentle unravel lets it stay one piece.  Frustration and impatience only tightens the knot again.  Rolling the chain between my fingers is almost hypnotic and soothing.  Staying with it-releases the knot.

The deep conversation with myself writing on paper- helps me stay engaged with Me.  Like rolling the knotted chain.  Having all the space  to really be honest with Myself on paper with minimal self-judgment helps me unravel my true feelings.  It helps me listen to my intuition.


My insides and outsides are matching.  Cool! Now I can communicate.

Intuition.  Being honest with me so I can show up in my world.

Intuition.  Me giving Me permission.

Intuition. Knowing I have choices.  I choose love.

I communicate with my friend.  Message her.  I say what I feel. I say what I want.  I am open to how the scenario unravels.  I’m staying engaged.  I am following my intution.

I can trust now.

Thanks for listening.



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Intuition Counseling helps you listen and respond to your own inner guidance.

Unsteady, wobbly, shaky? Your higher self is requesting attention. My sessions are intended for sharpening your own tools for self discovery.

Leaning into your intuition strengthens integrity and authenticity. Living life trusting your intuition opens choices on how to respond and serve yourself and your community.

About Me-Carola Marashi M.A.
I live simply in Southern Oregon on my friends amazing sanctuary. Surrounding me are gardens, animals, wild nature, and a wild dance community with open hearts.
My lifestyle weaves ritual, presence, authenticity, integrity, art and movement.I am an author of 2 self-published books: SENSUAL EATING, and SACRED DANCE with 22 Card Tarot Deck. I hold a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. I am Co-Founder of Body Choir Ecstatic Dance in Austin, Sante Fe, Ashland, Medford.


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InTo IT verb: intuit

In To IT.

“Step into your life, Carola.” That’s what my last therapist said. And then she literally kicked me in the butt.

Wonder Woman InTuIT article by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor Really? Did she kick me with her foot? Well. It sincerely felt like she did. I felt the ‘not so subtle’ kick in the butt. I’ve spent thousands of hours as a client lamenting over what ‘didn’t happen. What didn’t happen in childhood-a lack of nurturing, advocacy, stability. What didn’t happen in marriages-dreams that didn’t come true, promises not kept. What didn’t happen in business endeavors. Like books I’ve written that didn’t make me money, and marketing plans that didn’t bring financial success. Sure. I have the hardest time letting go of what didn’t happen.

What? How can I let go of what didn’t exist?

Sincerely, think about it. Notice the shortest relationships seem to take the longest to ‘get over’.

How can I get ‘over’ what didn’t happen?

How do I jump over a hurdle that doesn’t exist?

How do I maneuver around something that’s NOT there?

Hmmm…When I step INTO it, I can accept it.

What is IT?

It is My Life!  My Whole Life:  Mind, Body and Soul. My personal, professional, physical, spiritual, recreational life. When I’m actually engaged in my life I can trust my intuition.

You know…In retrospect you hear yourself saying practically outloud!-

“Gawd! If only I listened to my inner voice…or If only I went with my first hunch-guess-INTUITION!”

Like right now as I’m writing, I’m getting goose bumps on my arms. I can feel a prickly feeling on my scalp. Yeah. I’m feeling an AHAH! come into my lungs and I’m breathing a little deeper. INTUIT-Into my life! I am in MY picture. BLEEP BLEEP sounds are going off in my head. There is a NEON sign rolling across my mind’s eye—


I remember a classmate sitting next to me, probably in 5th or 6th grade scribbling a circle on my paper with the words “Tu IT” written inside the circle.

InTu IT article by Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor

Now my mantra is a BIG Circle with my name, Carola, inside the circle. YaY! I’m inside my life!

It’s when I turned 50 years old (12 years of therapy) and my therapist kicked me in the butt (so to speak),  that I started to understand what being an adult is. I was teaching obese children and their families healthy eating. We would play games to keep them engaged. We included the whole family! When the game was clearly defined the children and parents had lots of fun and learned. When the game directions were vague, complicated, and unclear frustration took over and it wasn’t fun learning.

Teaching families taught me-

when my Inner Adult is present-my Inner KID can play.

When my Inner Adult is present-my Inner KID can feel safe and let go.

Ahah! Here we go again-LET GO—one of my favorite sensations.

Sacred Playground Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor

I can let go if my Inner Adult is in my life.

I can let go and receive pleasure when my Inner Adult

is holding my container that is my life.

My life is My Sacred Playground.

You’ve heard it a GAH-Zillion times…

“Follow your intuition.”

Who’s leading?

Who’s in the center of your life?

Right now, I suggest you get a blank piece of paper and make a huge circle in the middle and write Tu IT and your Name.

Welcome to your Sacred Playground.

Get InTo IT!

Summer Special

90 Minute Session for $60.00.

Summer Special offer until September 2012


(Customary love offering $1 per minute.)

If you find yourself hesitating, doubting yourself, or questioning your inner guide and desire guidance in Trusting Your Own Intuition, I am here to serve you.  My sessions are intended for sharpening your own tools for self discovery.

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Exercises for Strengthening Your Intuition.

Carola Marashi M.A. Intuitive Counselor
Carola Marashi M.A. Author, Writing Coach

Can you feel your skin twitch, itch, crawl when you’re receiving a hunch? Can you feel the back of your neck tingle? Ears burning? Heart Pounding? Butterflies fluttering in your stomach?

All these sensations are your fast twitch muscles communicating. Probably your felt sense-6th sense is your fast twitch muscles speaking. In my research, I’m discovering that our smooth muscles-which include skin, heart, and diaphragm are largely made up of fast twitch muscle cells. You’ve heard of white and dark chicken meat. Well…we have light and dark muscles too. On chickens-Breast meat is light meat. Low in fat, these muscles run on glucose for quick response and the muscles are mostly made up of fast twitch muscle fibers.

Flap flap-thus the Chicken Dance.

The thigh and leg meat on chickens is dark, marbled with fat designed for endurance, thus slow twitch muscle fiber.

Hold your horses!

Strengthen your Intuition by Carola Marashi M.A.
Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses

What do fast twitch muscles have to do with intuition? Our intuition is our quick response- our ‘higher mind’ reading the scene inside and outside of us. Yet our ‘mind’ lives inside each cell. That’s right, our mind is beyond our brain. You’ve heard “Are you outa your mind?” or “Lose your mind and come to your senses.”

How exciting to imagine that your Inner Guide rests quietly under your skin. Ahhh the quiet mind is the creative mind. We’re not that far from the animal kingdom. Notice how your hair on your back still rises-like cats when you feel threatened? And how your pupils dilate when excited. And when you’re really sensitive, you can actually feel your tail (yes-you really did have a tail) wag with joy! Hah!

3 strengthening exercises to build your intuition.

Strengthen your Intuition by Carola Marashi M.A.
Conjure Your Inner Guide with Water

1Drink Lots of Water. All day. Our bodies are 75% water. Our skin is nearly 50% water. Remember your skin is your largest organ on your body and is your primary messenger for intuitive hunches. “Go with the flow” and “Be here now” are universal & most classic of all the spiritual messages. Where your attention goes ‘spirit’ flows. Shamans teach us this. Drinking water is the quickest way to conjuring your Inner Guide.

Strengthen your Intuition by Carola Marashi M.A.
Singing Strengthens Iour Intuitive Muscles

2-Hum. Sing. Laugh loudly. These sounds require breathing. The muscles in your lungs and diaphragm twitch with excitement. Sounding vibrates all your cells and floods them with fresh blood and oxygen. Quick breathing is like sprinting and are quick and easy exercises to strengthen your fast twitch muscles. I can do this right now sitting in front of the computer by myself.

Lah Lah Lah, Humm Dee Dummm… I am feeding my intuition with fresh oxygen.

Strengthen your Intuition by Carola Marashi M.A.
A Calm Mind is an Alert Mind

3-Number 3 is a Big one for me.

Flood your Self with calming images, thoughts, and feelings.

It’s the soft fluid muscle that’s most responsive. Response is what your Inner Guide wants, not reaction. Fear drowns out intuition. Fear and adrenaline make the muscles ‘crunchy’ and stiff-full of lactic acid. The calm mind is the alert mind.

I’ll drink to that one! clink.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Shedding Skin,


If you find yourself hesitating, doubting yourself, or questioning your inner voice, I am here to serve you. I listen with soft ears and open heart. I offer my undivided attention and demonstrate compassion and self acceptance. I am all ears and at your finger tips-skype or phone.

It takes Courage to Love. Your answers are inside you.

512-925-0625 (Customary love offering $1 per minute.)

Loving the Pacific NW Tilt,

Carola Marashi M.A. Published Author, Therapist, Writing Coach 30 years of professional experience. Carola Marashi M.A. Intuition CounselorCarola Marashi has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published author of 2 books: Sensual Eating; and Sacred Dance ( includes a 22 Card divination deck of her original artwork).

As a writing coach, Carola Listens with soft ears and an open heart and mind. Her soul purpose is to help others follow their heart, trust their intuition, discover and walk their path. Sessions can be on the phone or skype. Currently Carola live in Beaverton Oregon with her beloved, 2 cats and a garden blossoming with love.

What some folks have said about Carola’s sessions:

“Carola’s intuition ability is excellent! Through her fine-tuned listening, she helped me unearth core areas in my personal life that had been unexamined; she supported me to become more empowered and clear.”

“She has a special ability to listen in a way that allows you to connect with your true self. She is a steady, insightful and a supportive guide. Through her skillful leadership I developed confidence in my ability to connect with myself more deeply.”

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Donate securely using Paypal - no membership required You can pay through pay pal.


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